Dom Cooper


A hierophany of the moment.


A polymath creative.* I design and illustrate.


Co-run the micro record label Rif Mountain.1 Curate When The Night Falls2 and produce The Inner Octave3 podcast, alongside the revived Cabinet of Curiosities.4


As a musician and performer I play solo as Circle/Temple,5 as a student in United Bible Studies,6 in the groups Bare Bones, Unit One, Unknown Heretic, and Zensunni, and as a member of the Cafe Oto Experimental choir and Musarc choir.7


Gnostic explorer,8 vinyl-seeker, noisemaker and apple-z presser.


* Disclaimer. In reality I’m very modest. I Just like to keep busy.



1.Previously Midwich Records, Hobby Horse Records. | 2.Rif Mountain Events series. Formerly Meet On The Ledge. | 3.Music Podcast. | 4.Digital mixtape series, previously Open:Plan. | 5.Previously The Straw Bear Band, The Owl Service, Wolfgang & The Wolf Gang, The Fiends, and Phonofiction. | 6.Watch our 2017 headline set at Tusk Festival. | 7.The choir truly are an example of polymath. | 8.Phrase appropriated from Andy Weatherall.