'The Pattern Beneath The Plough' was a series of music releases from the folk band The Owl Service. Consisting of a CD e.p., an album on CD, a 7" single record, and free downloads. These were later compiled into a double CD. I also created stage visuals that were projected on the accompanying tour. The campaign I created revolved around a set of logos (a logo for each release, one for the series, and an overall owl logo). These were drawn by hand first, I find this helps to get a natural sense of spacing. Echoing the band's modern take on traditional songs, I used bold grotesque type against serif, and vector logos against Thomas Berwick woodcuts. Darker muted colours and a graphic sensibility were used throughout, moving away from the prevalent browns and hand-drawn nature of the new folk movement that had become a scene in the mid 2000s. The cult band garnered much interest and this series was the culmination of their sound. The albums are now part of the archive collection of the British Library.
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