During my time at Two Associates in London, I primarily focused on designing for Penguin Random House and various imprints, such as BBC Books and Ebury. My role involved interpreting stories or complex concepts and condensing them into captivating images that conveyed the essence of the books. I had the privilege of designing numerous books for Doctor Who, including the 50th Anniversary collection. Seeing the community's enthusiasm with each release was great. Designing for the publishing industry required a diverse set of skills, and I gained valuable experience, and honed my abilities in pitching, print production and time management.
Cover design and complete books, typesetting. Illustration, photography, and Art direction of both. Icons, bespoke typography, 3D, large photoshop comps, retouching. Printing techniques.
↓   Collage for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection.
Designed at Two Associates.
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