In my role as the Art Director, I led all visual design and creative aspects of the brand, maintaining guidelines and ensuring consistency with the vision and strategy. I led an internal team and directed outside vendors and production, liaising with external agencies. I played a key role in elevating the brand's profile, both visually, strategically, and culturally.
Creative strategy and Art direction for all aspects of brand; digital, social, production, video, photography, print, and POS. Brand guidelines; improvements, upkeep, and implementation.
↓   Marantz Amplified featured curated playlists from the most intriguing people in sound.
↓   Marantz Explorations In Sound was a music compilation in partnership with Vinyl Me Please.
↓   Campaign for the MODEL 40n Integrated Amplifier product launch.
↓   Marantz 70th Anniversary event at Spring Studios, an immersive brand experience.
External Agencies: Pitch N Sync, Spring Studios, Vinyl Me Please, The Yard, TNB Productions, Versus.
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